Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Computer IT (Maxicard) 进入一个电脑世界(极限片)

Not all subjects on stamps are able to find the related postcards on the market, often the Rackcards with varying subjects are found to be suitable for the realising of a maximum card. Attached herewith a Computer IT MC realised from a Rackcard.
以广告片制作极限片, 别有一番乐趣. 很多时候邮票上的题材, 不容易在市面上找到相关的明信片, 反而是广告片的内容多姿多彩, 有时侯和邮票的配搭可称得上是天衣无缝. 这里贴一枚广告极限片.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Have a cup of coffee (maxicards) 享受一杯热咖啡(极限片)

Have a cup of hot coffee (maxicards) 享受一杯热咖啡 (极限片)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Tree (maxicard) 一棵树 (极限片)

This stamp from the Greeting Booklet had been in my stamp collection, unfortunately, due to the tropical climate , toning began to develop on the stamps. The condition of the stamp was getting deteriorated each day. I do NOT know why toning develops on these booklet stamps rather rapidly as compare to the ordinary stamps ? Instead of allowing the stamp condition continue to worsen, I have elected to realise these stamps into Maximum Cards. Here it is, the TREE Maximum Card.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Heart of Love (Maxicards) 爱心 (极限片)

The subject on Rackcards is full of varieties, they are deemed to be excellent materials for the realisation of Maximum cards. Truly ,it is NOT easy to find a commercial postcard featuring a natural symbol of "Heart", however, such symbols are commonly featured on rackcards and here it is a maximum card created from a rackcard with a symbol of the heart.