Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Singapore-Vatican joint issue 新加坡-凡蒂岗携手发行

This is a joint issue by Vatican and Singapore, Singpost adopted the Merlion as the theme on the stamp.

Merlion is 34 years old now 鱼尾狮今年34岁了

Merlion celebrated its 34 years birthday on the 18-9-2006. Glad to receive this maximum card of the Merlion cancelled on the birthday of the Merlion from Mr.Tan Kan Buay of Singapore. Thanks.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Orchid Maxicard 新加坡兰花极限片

The national flower of Singapore is Orchid - the Miss Vanda Joaquim. Many new spesies of orchids are being discovered and Singapore is an important nation in the hosting of international orchid show.

Singapore Skyline Maxicard 新加坡鸟瞰极限片

Singapore panaromic is a scene with modern skyscrppers around.