Saturday, February 24, 2007

2007 Chinese New Year Zodiac - the Boar 华人新年生肖猪

华人新年一般以红为主题布置家居, 贺卡也不例外, 都红! 这是一枚国外明信片以全红色印刷, 很有新春特色, 明信片上又是烫金的金猪... 好意头! 制作一枚金猪年极限片, 再好不过了.
RED is the major color used for the celebration of the Chinese New Year. This postcard featuring Boars in a background of full RED is suitable for realisation of a maximum card of the year of the BOAR, as the color well represents the color of the new year.

2007 Lunar New Year Zodiac - Boar 华人新年生肖- 猪 (2007)

西方人对猪也是情有独钟, 新年一般也以猪的形象出现在贺卡,明信片上. 这是一枚洋年明信片, 配合华人生肖猪邮票制成极限片, 中西合壁, 还不错!
A maximum card of the Lunar New Year Zodiac - Boar.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

2007 Chinese New Year Zodiac - the Boar 华人新年生肖猪

2007是猪年. 西方也兴以猪为主题印制贺年明信片.这是一枚早期西历新年元月一日以猪为主题的明信片. 用来制作猪年贺年片, 还有些和谐也!
2007 is the year of the Boar according to the Chinese Lunar new year Zodiac Series. Noted Boar is popular among the animals depicted on the new year postcards of the western world.
It is rather concordant to utilise this new year postcard of a boar to realise a maximum card of the Chinese New Year of the Boar.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Year of the Boar - YamSing (Toasting) all the way 丁亥年极限片

YamSing (饮胜) is the Chinese way of Drink a toast. During Chinese New Year, beers and wines are served on the dinner tables.

Year of the Boar 丁亥年极限片

一年一度的春节有来临了. 今年生肖是猪.
The Zodiac for the 2007 Chinese New Year is Boar.